Cap and I Play Crucible

The audio situation was poor but we had fun. I hope to post more of these later once we work the kinks out.

Cap And Giancarlo (Me) Talk Gaming

Did a video with a friend over Google Plus a while back. We talk about Destiny so I figure I’d add it here. Go check him out at

It’s pretty interesting how my views not so long ago reflect now.

Welcome To The Frontier, Guardian…

It has been almost two months since Bungie released Destiny into the wild. Though there have been many ups and downs, or perhaps because of them, I decided to start a blog. Not a strange move for me.

A bit about myself. I have a number of years experience in writing both in a journalistic capacity as well as fictional. I co-produced and co-hosted a nerd culture podcast for about three years. Also, Destiny seems to be some nebulous crossroads of a great many aspects I enjoy in gaming. For these reasons I feel I am qualified to add my voice to the interwebs in this fashion. You of course are free to suggest otherwise at any time.

I’ll be posting general thoughts about the game as they come to me, as well as a fiction series I am concocting set in the Destiny universe. Videos may pop up from time to time, and I’ll see if I can somehow get Twitch involved here somehow.

My PSNID is PsycheDiver. Feel free to add me. I have a personal Twitter account @PsycheDiver where I will be posting blog updates as well as any sort of streaming plans.

At the moment, this blog is very much under construction. It’ll take me a bit to get it looking and running the way I want. Patience, Grasshoppers.

So here is us, on the raggedy edge…