Fiction Update #1

In my first post, I mentioned that I’ll be using this blog to publish a work of fiction set in the Destiny universe that I am/will be writing. I just wanted to give a quick update on how that is shaping up and what you can expect. I’ll be dropping these updates every so often.

Firstly, I just finished getting all the dead ghosts in-game, so I’m now as up on the lore as one could possibly be. I spent some time last night reviewing cards and trying to draw lines between them as best I could. I’d absolutely hate to get a detail wrong if it can be at all avoided.

The story will centre around a fireteam of three unique guardians: A male Exo warlock, a female Human titan and a male Awoken hunter. I’ve almost got these characters fleshed out to the point where I can start playing with them in public and not just in my own head. There will be other characters as well, some new and some recognizable from the game.

I’m refocusing my efforts on mapping out a larger story arc. At present each story will inhabit its own volume consisting of several chapters or one-shot stories, but crafting the larger journey is challenging. There’s also the question of a major nemesis to coincide, which is giving me quite a bit of pause.

I’m not quite ready to promise when the first chapter will be out, nor can I promise a steady stream of content once I’ve started. I’m writing this for myself first and foremost and while I’m eager to have you along for the ride, I need to be happy with it above all else. There’s also the fact that this is being done on my spare time, of which there is precious little. At present I’m managing almost one post a day, but who knows if that will continue.

I look forward to letting you into this thing I’m creating. Destiny: Frontier will debut soon!


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