Issues With The Other Vault

While much ado has been said and spent on the games only raid (for now), it is not the only vault in Destiny that is in much need of some attention. What about the one you store your loot in? Destiny is (in theory) a game about awesome loot. Collecting exotic weapons, armour and other goodies to use or just show off. We can’t carry them all on us so we store them at the Tower’s handy-dandy vault. However, if you play Destiny with any regularity, you’ll find that it’s far too small to contain all the awesome things you have collected in your travels and still wish to hang on to. I’ve played with people who have every weapon and armour slot in their vault filled with an exotic, and as we’re just days away from the game’s first expansion, what are we to do with the new exotics we’ll collect? There’s also the issue that the vault is supposed to be the only way to transfer items between your toons, and if it’s full you are more or less out of luck.

Bungie has just recently made the dismantling of exotics potentially worth it, but time will tell if it works in execution.

The solution is really quite simple, and that is to make the vault bigger. Big enough to scale to the kind of exotic-hoarding that the player that logs in every night is going to do. Expanding the storage volume for each of the three item categories to fill the interface, and have it so the player could tab between the three categories would be the most simple and elegant solution available. Currently, 20 weapon slots, 20 armor slots, and 20 item slots are available, but 100 each would be more in line with the needs of gamers. You could also have a page up/down control beside each catagory in the current configuration and have as many pages as you want.

If Destiny is about using weapons and armour to signify your accomplishments, the game’s mechanical shortcomings shouldn’t force us to trash these items when there are simple fixes that could be implemented right away.


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