Meritocracies Regarding The Melting Of Faces

As we approach the launch of Destiny‘s first expansion and the allure of a new raid draws us in, it might be prudent to examine the reward systems in place.

There has been a lot of hullabaloo about how actual performance in strikes, raids and the crucible has no effect on the kinds of rewards players are given. The simplistic argument of “it’s RNGs, stupid!” hold little water, as almost every game of a certain complexity uses RNGs. The issue isn’t the existence of RNGs in the equation, but how the equations are weighted. A random number generator is rarely purely random in an RPG, and such RNG-weighting is incredibly important when you’re trying to reward players for hard-won victories.

The only thing is hard to understand is why Bungie has failed so spectacularly in this regard. Surely the creators of Halo could understand how killstreaks and other medal-worthy accomplishments in the crucible should be rewarded more heavily than someone who simply participated. Surely the big brains in Bellvue could understand how galling it is to have the player who hides in the hall while the other two guardians kill Phogoth rewarded with a legendary weapon while the others get a shader if they’re lucky. Bungie has shined a bright light on all the stats and numbers they’ve been collecting, yet none of that brilliance is brought to bare for the benefit of those who applied boot to butt.

This is very much fixable, but at this point it’ll take a lot of determination on Bungie’s part. There is some indication that they’ll attempting new weighted RNG algorithms with Crota’s End, but time will tell.

Without being alarmist, this oversight could very well spell an early end to any interest in Destiny as it pushes forward with its 10-year plan. If players are not rewarded well and fairly, they’ll simply move on to a game that will.


2 thoughts on “Meritocracies Regarding The Melting Of Faces

  1. Another wonderful post. Besides the weighted RNG in Crota’s End, do you have any ideas for how the system could be improved?
    From watching DatoDoesDestiny’s YouTube videos, I can see how a token system can solve quite a few problems of the randomness of the loot and having to run raids for twenty or more times to get a lucky drop. He also mentioned how World of War craft has their gear in a tear system that prepares you for harder content with each level.
    Here are the links to the videos :

    RNG :

    Light Level:


    • I like a lot of Datto’s ideas on the subject because they are rooted in solid cost/reward examples. The problem is what he proposes are structual changes that can’t be just rolled out on an update or even an expansion. Datto has Bungie’s ear, but time will tell how Bungie decides to move forward on issues they’ve acknowledged.

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