Fiction Update #2 – Here We… Go.

I’ve mulled over as many details as I can. It’s time to start putting this thing out there.

Destiny: Frontier will premiere tomorrow.

Set after the events of Destiny, Frontier follows three Guardians of the last city on Earth as they fight for the future of our civilization. In their travels they’ll encounter deadly alien threats, ghosts of their pasts, and much more.

I’ll be dropping the occasional behind-the-scenes update between volumes. I’ve got 14 “acts” (stories or episodes) planned out thus far, each ranging from one to several chapters (episodes) in length, and acts will form their own “volumes” (overarching stories or seasons).

I look forward to feedback, and I’ll be responding to all of it to the best of my ability. If you’ve got a piece of constructive criticism (or a grammar error I’ve overlooked) I will endeavor to take it to heart. A little encouragement is also nice to receive.

I hope you enjoy.

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