Frontier Update #3 – Off To A Good Start

I’m not the kind of guy who finds it easy to follow through on these kinds of writing projects. I end up being my own worst critic before I can get anything out there. The fact that I’ve gotten this far is a bit of a personal triumph.

First and foremost, I really need to profusely thank all the readers, and especially those who gave me feedback and encouragement. Getting some momentum behind this project was much easier thanks to all of you.

Let’s review what we have so far. I can give you my personal thoughts on it. Then we can speak of what comes next.

First, we met the blind Exo Warlock, Solas-3. He was the first character I came up with. I primary an Exo Warlock on Destiny and when I was building his look in the character creator, something about no eyes and horns really sparked something in me. I’m not sure why I find this chapter perhaps my most disappointing, but it probably has something to do with all the awesome stuff I have planned for him in upcoming acts. I am very eager to get to it, but patience will be a friend to us all right now. Also in case it’s not obvious, the name is indeed a loving tip of the hat to Bioware.

Second in the fireteam intros was the Human Titan Lady Telemica Magna. She’s an amazonian warrior goddess. I received a fair bit of feedback telling me that it was hard to get a sense of the character. To me, she’s probably the least complicated, and therefore she’ll be the backbone to a lot of stuff that happens to Fireteam Warden. She’s a bit of a fixed point that many future events will converge on. She’s not simple and won’t be one-dimensional, but what you see is mostly what you get.

Lastly is our Awoken hunter, Vatyr S’Jet. I don’t have a lot of experience writing rogueish characters but I’m really looking forward to fleshing him out. He’s a scoundrel. A lover. A fighter. He may become the heart of the team, but I know for certain he’ll be pulling them into crazy situations.

And that was Act01. Nothing crazy. Introductions for the most part and a hook into Act02.

I have a lot of stories planned, but for Act02 I wanted something other than a massive excuse for action, and at the same time a chance tp overlay something of my own on to the world. So after a quick meet in chapter04 the fireteam left for Old Italy. The names of the chapters come from classical music. A concerto is a music piece in three parts. a battaglia is a musical piece depicting battle, and a coda is the end to a piece of music. I’ll probably going to be getting a lot of chapter titles from music.

Writing gun-based action scenes in small static spaces is oddly difficult. I’d written martial arts and swordplay scenes before but this was new. It was a challenge to make it interesting. If it were set in a dynamic space or if the characters were moving around more writing it may have been easier, but I needed it to be a pretty hopeless and frightening situation.

And what of Angela? She’ll return. She may not be blasting away Hive but her relationship with Fireteam Warden is a strong one that will come back around. There are many forces at work in my vision of Destiny’s world. They don’t always come from outside and they don’t always play nice.

So what comes next? At present I have 11 more acts planned. Each act is a self-contained story, but they’ll grow from each other. Some will contain multiple chapters, while a few will be one-shots.

There’s also the question of when I’m going to write all of these. I was able to put out nearly 6000 words because of holiday vacation time. I am going to try my best to get another act out before I have to go back to work, at which point finding time to write may be a challenge. I have a lot of plates spinning. We’ll see how it goes.

Before I post this I’ll ask again for constructive feedback. What did you like? What did you not like? Not because I need my ego stroked but because writing in a vacuum without someone telling you if you’re out of your mind is a little unnerving.

Thank you again for hanging with me and my little piece of creative ambition. Stay tunes because we’ve barely begun!


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