New Year, New Look

2015 is now upon us, and it’ll be a big year of change for me. I woke up this morning with a sense that small changes today would pay big dividends tomorrow, so I started by changing the look of the blog! I spent hours going through available themes.

FTF is now much cleaner, and more in-line with the Destiny aesthetic.

I’ve populated the new sidebars with useful tools. You can now easily search by tag, getting you to the content you desire instantly.

I’ve posted more visible subscription options, either using a WordPress account or through your email. I’d add an RSS feed option if I thought anyone still used them.

Lastly I’ve added the badge of the Internet Defense League, of which I am a firm supporter. I hope you’ll look into it.

It’s 2015. Here’s hoping we all find our destinies.


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