Frontier – Act03 Chapter10 – Terminal Logic

Chapter 10: Terminal Logic

House of Winter Ketch Simiks-Fel
Engineering section

Rumor has it that Winter’s Prime Servitor was destroyed long ago in a battle involving some of the first guardians. Since then, while the House’s resources have always been vast by Fallen standards, lost servitors were not something easily replaced. A form of synthetic life all their own, they needed to be cultivated and nurtured. Grown, in a fashion. Such a thing took time and resources not readily available to the Fallen, and there was no assurances that a prime would arise from the dozens of precious servitors being tended even under the care of skilled priests.

Solas could feel a Subprime Servitor nearby. As beings born of void light, their very nature sends vibrations through the fabric of spacetime. Their signatures were unique to a warlock sensitive to such forces.

“I’ve searched Winter’s database. The subprime has been designated Suviks-2 and the Pra-Kell’s name is Plasis. The subprime appears to be performing all the roles of a prime for Winter, but has yet to undergo its final metamorphosis.” said Wisp over the interface. “It could be a matter of days before Winter becomes a much larger threat.”

“I suppose it is good timing on Commander Tzu’s part. He can always trust Telemica to obliterate a crucial target in grand fashion.” retorted Solas.

“Not unlike a bomb…” quipped the ghost. Solas knew Wisp held a bit of satirical disdain for titans and hunters. Leaving their little lights together to bandy about and tout the guardians they are bonded to be a source of amusement for the fireteam.

Solas stayed crouched, separated from the main engineering section of the ketch by a vented grate. Vatyr had gone ahead under cloak and was systematically clearing the engineering section of Fallen.

The room was a vast and poorly-lit chamber filled with immense spacetime-bending machines and crisscrossing walkways. Vatyr used the zero-g functions of his armour to traverse these walkways inverted and unnoticed. He flowed from target to target, eliminating them silently by sliding his blade into the back of their necks in a flash. The surgical attack instantly incapacitated the Fallen, but didn’t have the flashy explosion that accompanies taking their heads clean off. Each dispatched foe was helpless and limp as their ether slipped out.

When Vatyr was relatively sure the room was clear of softer targets, he dispatched Glitch to interface with the main engine controls that were located high above the floor. Glitch would attempt to lockdown until the next phase of the plan she and the other ghosts had devised.

Vatyr found himself an elevated position to cover both his ghost and the newly located target. Far down below in a large nest of computers, cables and other unrecognizable devices all woven together hovered the Subprime Servitor, Suviks-2. It sat there, exposing its inner workings to the bed of technology it lay in, tendrils of etheric energy everywhere. It pulsed with a burden Solas knew well as Vatyr relayed back video.

“It’s preparing to become a true prime.” said Wisp. “We need to act immediately.”

“No.” Solas said, obviously engrossed in the site. “This is something that happens once in many lifetimes. We stand to benefit much more if we allow it to happen and observe.”

“We’ll have to fight a fully-fledged prime.” Vatyr stated as fact, his voice not betraying his feelings one way or another.

“We can handle it. The gains outweigh the risks.” said Solas without pause. His confidence unaverred as he focused on a new task. The crawlway was just large enough to allow him to sit in a full-lotus position as he dropped his mind out of the physical world and focused himself and his uncanny warlock senses.

Vatyr lay there cloaked as a Fallen Archon Priest entered the room, followed by dozens of vandals, servitors, and the Pra-Kell Plasis. Even though the appearance of such strong foes should have worried the hunter, it didn’t. Their presence here meant Telemica was not engaging them alone elsewhere. An Archon Priest being on the ship however did increase the risk ahead substantially.

Glitch relayed newly mined data from the database she was interfacing with. “Confirmed Archon Priest. Goes by the name Mehsor. Vanguard has a pretty substantial bounty out on this one.”

Plasis was enormous, perhaps larger than the priest. If he had not already taken control of the House of Winter, he would be very soon. The subprime took notice as the Pra-Kell approached the nest and knelt in front of it, the priest behind him. As the other Fallen surrounded the nest, Mehsor began weaving ether-infused void light around all the participants. Solas could tell these were pathways or conduits, but he was unsure what their purpose was.

The nest suddenly surged to life and slowly encapsulated Suviks-2 like a cocoon, lifting it into the air. Metallic tendrils shot out of the cocoon and sped through the conduits, impacting into all the participants except for the Pra-Kell and priest. Vatyr heard Fallen screams before their bodies fell apart one by one and servitor shells dropped lifelessly to the ground.

“Of course. Sacrifices.” said Wisp as the cocoon’s tendrils retracted.

The cocoon began to writhe violently as Mehsor poured vast amounts of void light into it through Plasis in front of him. It grew and grew until it was a solid mass of violent energies. Suddenly the shell burst open with a dull thump sound that seemed to be heard not by the ears but by the soul.

A Prime Servitor was born.

It loomed massive and menacing, its body molten metal hate. It stared at the Pra-Kell and Archon Priest, still cracking with void light. Its ruby red eye glowed hot. The archon waved his hands and weaved new conduits, connecting the Pra-Kell to the prime and the prime to the priest. Mehsor and Plasis’ bodies lifted from the ground and became suspended in front of Suviks-2, which was clearly in a partially manic state.

Solas could see it all. The prime needed to be bound. Leashed. The trinity of the Prime, Archon Priest and no-doubt what was about to become a true Kell was a power base from which the greatest Fallen houses found their strength and influence. Tendrils of ether wrapped around the three, intermingling their very essences and causing the Prime Servitor’s eye to cool. Suviks-2’s body lurched open, revealing strange mechanisms and metallic organs. From these, ether poured into the priest and Pra-Kell, causing their bodies to grow and strain under the new vigor they shared.

“I’ve learned much. Now we need a plan of attack.” said Solas, coming out of his trance state.

Vatyr cycled through his arsenal list and was about to agree, if not for the booming battle cry of Telemica from above as she fell terminally on the Fallen monsters like an arc light comet.


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