Call For Ideas!

The launch of my Exotic Concepts series got a great response from readers, and I have a few reader-submitted concepts in the pipe. I’ve found that it’s more fulfilling to develop the ideas of others before my own because I feel like I’m helping the fans make their dreams more solid.

With that series off to a fine start, I’m setting up another. I’m going to call it Lore Breakdown. Basically, if a reader has a question about the lore of Destiny, either specific or general, I’ll do my best to give a detailed explanation of it. Wonder what makes the Vex so dangerous? Is Crota really the son of Oryx? What are the Cabal doing to Mars and her moons? How does respawning work? I can answer these with a clever mix of grimiore-decoding and science factoids.

Of course, this blog’s main attraction will always be Frontier, my fiction series. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

So, if you have an idea for an exotic weapon or armour, or want me to shine some light on the world of Destiny, submit your ideas either through comments on this blog or contacting me via social media.

I look forward to the challenge!


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