My Best Crucible Performance Ever

This may not wow too many of you hardened Iron Banner types, but as you’ve seen in previous videos I am not all that good at PvP… so this is something I just have to share.

4.43 K/d ratio. 31 kills (highest in the match), 7 deaths (lowest in the match), 4 assists.

You’ll note that I completed a part of the exotic bounty in order to get the Invective shotgun (fun little boomstick, by the way) which required me to have a 25 K/d spread. I achieved that in just this match.

Some things that I’ve learned as I play in the Crucible more often:

Be Calm – Running around is fun and may get you a kill or two if you’re lucky, but it will certainly get you killed in the process. Sprinting also keeps you from using your weapon the moment you really need it.

Disengage – You’ll see I pull back a few times from an engagement, which probably saved me from getting my head blown off and nothing gained. Pick your fights and don’t seek the kill to the detriment of your survival. There is always the next engagement.

Control Range – An old EVE Online rule. Make them fight at the range that works for you. Know how your primary wants to play and stick with that. Chasing the rabbit down the hole will get you downed more often than not. Having a special weapon to cover alternate ranges is great, but you’ll want something to compliment your primary’s style and not the polar opposite because it temps you into taking unnecessary risks. In this match, I knew Thorn (and most hand cannons) doesn’t brawl well, so I kept targets at medium range where I could optimize hits through my slow rate of fire. My HMG Against All Odds and my fusion rifle Murmur (set for arc to get the fastest spin-up rate possible) had similar impact/RoF tradeoffs which means I didn’t have to adjust my flow too much.

Know Your Surroundings – If you’re familiar with a map, you’ll know where your weapon will be most effective. Be there. Own that space. Don’t camp because that makes you a target, but take control of the area you are currently in. Know the ins and outs. Annex off areas in your mind for a few minutes at a time and let your shots tell the tale. Know where you don’t want to be as well because that’s where your opponents will come at you from and try to lure you into.

Be Happy With Assists – Your team is your lifeline. Stick with them and anticipate their movements. Don’t leave them out in the cold and you’ll find at some point you’ll start moving together and tearing the other team apart.

I hope some of this helps. I’m going to give Iron Banner some play next time it hits and see how I stack up.


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