Exotic Concepts #5: Shinsō

Exotic weapons are all well and good, but armour is what other players will gawk at when you’re busting a move at the Tower, or holding the banner at the beginning of a Crucible match. They arguably affect more of your play style than any single weapon will.  So let’s see what we can dream up for exotic armour!

When it comes to the Hunter class in the Crucible, I’m all about Bladedancers. It’s more than just that crazy super, though. Building your entire hunter around your melee can be very rewarding if you’re into a super-aggressive style. However, the range at which a Hunter’s Blink Strike can find its target as compared to his super’s is quite shorter, not to mention it’s not really a noticeable improvement over any other class/subclass. The perk for Blink Strike does say it has an extended range, but it’s almost nothing, which is disappointing.

Shinsō would be arm armour that would have 60cm black blades coming out of each gauntlet. Any melee attacks (including the super) will have different animations to utilize these blades as opposed to the standard ones. I’d like them to incorporate smooth lines with sharp terminuses as well as the yin-yang symbol.

It’s perk would be called Ikorose and vastly increase the range of melee attacks. The internets tell me that the range of a Blink Strike is 5.8m, so a Shinsō-boosted range should be around 9-10m to keep it really interesting. If you’ve got a 100% strength build and are using the Fast Twitch perk, you’ll be simply wrecking in the Crucible. I’d also recommended Hungering Blade since you’ll be using your melee a lot. Having a high strength role and maybe a bit of intellect would be pretty important to the build you would want with this exotic.

I’m pretty sure I’d want the other perk to be Shotgun Loader to boost the reload speed of shotguns. As I’m more or less aiming this exotic for Crucible use, special ammo isn’t that hard to come by, so I feel giving something useful to a weapon that people already use in conjunction with Blink Strike would be the best choice. I’m aware some people find this combo annoying but it is effective, if not a bit suicidal.

This is my first crack at exotic armour and I’m a little wary about balance, so feel free to tell me if I’m off my rocker and how you’d fix Shinsō. I’m hoping to come up with something for Warlocks and Titans so if you’ve got ideas for them, let me know in the comments section!


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