Exotic Concepts #6: FASTBALL

I think titans have gotten the best exotics when you consider how well they all integrate into effective build choices. Going over all the existing options looking for significant holes in the profile, I came up empty. I had to think a little more outside the box than usual, but it also had to be simple and executable.

False Axis Sensory

The “Fastball Special” takes its cue from a nerd meta-joke. Large hero throws small hero at baddies. Mayhem is assured. Ah, the mayhem. While you can’t throw other guardians at Valus or Phogoth (as much as you’d want to sometimes…), you do throw other things. Grenades. Grenades travel on a parabolic arc and don’t travel very fast. But you’re a mighty titan, are you not? Are you arms not… mighty? If a professional baseball pitcher can throw a small ball at 100km/h, why can’t you send a sticky grenade slamming into some poor fool’s face at several times that speed?

Fastball Special: Magnetic Grenades will be thrown extremely fast and in an almost straight line.

Fastball Encore: You get a second Magnetic Grenade.

At this point some of the more hardcore titan players will be hissing and booing at me, saying that discipline is a fool’s stat for titans. Indeed, the strength stat seems to be the only thing worth a damn if you go by the example of every other titan exotic, but since Destiny makes it silly to min-max to such a degree due to its failure (yes, failure) to allow upgrade stacking, why not have a discipline build? This exotic would have to have a crazy-high discipline-only roll to make it worth while, but we’ve seen that sort of thing before in other exotics.

Consider how many heads you can detonate if you’ve got a sunsinger warlock in your fireteam helping you proc these little messengers of loud pain even faster. I did promise mayhem, after all.

I’d also like to include a heavy weapon loader upgrade to round out its effectiveness.

So here’s my question for the readers: What does it look like? Let’s have some fun with this! Even if it’s a half-idea or a picture from something else that you think kinda sorta maybe is in the same ballpark, just drop anything in the comments section. Also, would you like to use it?


4 thoughts on “Exotic Concepts #6: FASTBALL

  1. wait, do you have to choose between fastball special and fastball encore? if so, these sound like a like a lamer version of the Armamentarium. If you get both, I’d totally use these when running defender. also, even though titan gear tries to stuff strength down our throats, a titan’s grenade is their most valuable asset, and I go full discipline most of the time.

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