Frontier Update #7: Pulling Back The Arrow

OK. There’s going to be a lot here so stay with me.

Last year I lost my dad to cancer. He fought for nearly three years when doctors gave him 6 months. My family has been grieving in a secondary, back-of-mind way ever since, and just last week we finally took a family vacation to try and unwind from it. First family vaycay for me in 21 years. We went to Cuba and I stayed off the internet entirely. What I did do was write. I bought a bunch of notebooks and started to fill them up. One book was specifically for Frontier. It now contains all my ideas for how its gone and how it will go.

Fast-forward to today. House of Wolves reveal livestream. I was hoping something about it would make me desire a game that I have not played in weeks, but there was not. There was some stuff… some hope. I still want a Hawkmoon. I still want a Vex (even though at this point I can’t find anyone who wants to play VoG with me and help me get one). I want to experience the story and the new mechanics and gear, but I’m not salivating right now.

When I write for me, I do it in a pattern I call “pulling back the arrow”. I hold on to an idea and keep it in my mind’s eye. I focus on it. Play with it. Eventually I have built up so much desire to write it that the release itself is worth the effort. If I can’t get to that point, it was not worth it. Writing this now it sounds like it’s something else entirely, and that’s probably not far from the truth of it.

Point is, I can’t find that desire right now. The game certainly isn’t making me want it, and other ideas are starting to look a lot more eager to take centre stage. Original ideas, as well as fictions that take place in the worlds of Street Fighter, or Overwatch. Truth be told, those ideas seem a lot more appealing at this moment. Meanwhile, I’m writing at Nardmode.

So here’s what I’m thinking. I’m going to seek out this desire. If it wants to be written, it will be. It may happen tonight, next month, next year, or never. I can’t say and I can’t promise. I’m hoping something about House of Wolves gets my motor running, or even what Bungie will show off at E3. I need to feel that this story still has merit, and not that I’m just playing with someone else’s ball. I’m fairly confident that I can find enough juice to finish the few acts I have planned that I feel are really solid.

I’m going to completely forget about Exotic Concepts and Lore Breakdowns until the story is out there. I feel that those would be distractions to me right now. Sorry to those that come here just for that.

If you want to be pinged if and when this things gets rolling again, there are a few subscription options on the right sidebar. No point in you constantly coming back and seeing nothing.

I’m hoping that this isn’t my last post. You never know in situations like this.

If you’ve enjoyed Frontier in the past, please leave comments down below.

Thanks for your time. I hope we meet again soon.