Frontier – Act06 Chapter21 – Broken Mirror

Chapter 21: Broken Mirror

While the synthstone structure was only a matter of days old and located on a long-dead planet, the caverns within appeared centuries-old covered in deeply coloured flora. As he ran his hand along the verdant moss, Vatyr posited that this must be either a byproduct of the Vex’s time manipulation techniques, or something carried over from where this synthstone originated.

Fireteam Warden had been marching at a brisk pace for hours, traveling far deeper into the construct than they expected. It had been quite a while since the sounds of the battle outside ceased to reach them. Were they even on Mercury anymore? One could never be certain of anything when the Vex were involved.

Paths diverged as they traveled further. Solas took point and did his best to sense their direction, Telemica staying close to him to check corners while the warlock’s mind stretched forward.

“Guardian S’Jet broadcasting to anyone on these frequencies. We have entered the conflux installation and are proceeding onward. Is anyone receiving this transmission? Over.” Vatyr spoke into his comms for what felt like the thousandth time. He was not sure if the signal was reaching anyone, and didn’t want to consider that there was nobody left to reach.

“I wouldn’t bother with that anymore. Chances are the only beings who can hear you now are us and the Vex.” Telemica retorted.

“Stealth was never an option. The walls themselves are clearly watching us.” Solas interjected, causing the skin of his fellows to crawl. Solas often forgot that he saw far more than the others could. The ghosts could offer few answers and refused to even speculate on the situation, which was adding to the general sense that every step the fireteam took into these caverns was a very bad idea.

Days passed with no rest. Guardians possessed superhuman endurance but even their minds and bodies still had limits. Telemica’s vigilance was beginning to take a serious toll as they rounded a corner and saw a hazy white glow at the end of a long and widening passage. “Finally. Be on guard, guardians.”

The hall ended at a cliff, water pouring over the end like a waterfall into oblivion. Warden had to cling to the almost sheer walls to keep from being taken by the rapids that seemed to come from nowhere. What they saw next shook their confidence to the core.



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