Frontier Update #13: A Few Hiccups, But Progress.

Greetings Guardians,

First things, no chapter this week. I’ve got the majority of it written, but closing it properly is a bit of a challenge. I’d rather not rush it. There’s also so much on my plate this week. It’s my birthday today, V-Day later on in the week, I’ve gone back to the gym, and my two businesses are demanding a lot of my mental fuel this week due to an investor summit all last weekend.

Good news is that I’ve done a remap of the final events of Frontier and it looks like chapter 51 will be the finally. Not far to go at all. All in all we’re going to close this thing around the 63,000 word mark. A small 200ish page novel, basically. I’ll let that sink in after it’s done.

In the meanwhile, feel free to go back and reread your favourite chapters and leave your comments on what you loved about them! In fact, feel equally free to go back to the chapters that you feel could have been better. I’m always happy to accept constructive feedback.

See you all next week!


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