Frontier Update #18: Get LOUD, Guardians!

I’ll make this brief.

If you’re reading this and you’ve enjoyed Frontier,  you need to let Bungie know. Your mission is to make enough noise that they finally take notice of Frontier.  Tell them exactly what you’ve been telling me on the forums and comments and Reddit.

Your tweet-targets are:



Bungie (official)

If Twitter isn’t your weapon, take to the livestreams, or let other Destiny lore enthusiasts on Youtube like Byf know about my work.

You have your orders, guardian. The City, Angela, fireteam Warden and I are counting on you. Traveler’s light be with you.


Frontier Update #17: Sights, Sounds and Delays

First, an update. Life is… complicated. Work is really ramping up for Vasily and I so the work is taking far longer than we thought. Still, we’re working on it. At this point we’ve got about a third of the story re-edited. I’d rather get this done slow and right than fast and crappy. You deserve better. I deserve better. I really appreciate the patience.

Now, on to another thought.

There was a time, when final planning for the last few story elements were coming together, that I considered visual art pieces accompanying each act. I contacted a few of the artists that I liked via the Bungie forums and asked them to read my work. If they enjoyed it and were passionate about creating some pieces, they should get back to me. No real responses ever came.

Well, now that Frontier is in the wild and being enjoyed by tens of thousands of fellow guardians, I’m putting the word out again. As much as I’d like to pay (art should be paid for), I’m not currently in a position to. Still, I’m hoping someone will be interested.

Another interesting and much more far-flung offshoot of an idea that came up a few times while I was responding to social media and forum posts was turning Frontier into an audiobook. Back in the day, I ran a nerd-culture podcast. I’m also a big fan of audio dramas. The issues of actually making it happen are far more technical. I would need some skilled sound production, actors and the equipment to make it all happen. Not easy at all when I can’t promise money beyond the occasional lunch or fame beyond a wordpress blog. In fact, I can’t imagine the production costing less than $10,000 even if the actors and crew were all volunteers (and I’d have to eliminate all the scenes with established characters since their actors would never work for free).

Still, it might be fun to just imagine it. For instance, if I had all the money in the world, who would I have voice my original characters?

Solas: Manu Bennett. I’ve never been able to escape the idea that Solas needed a cool accent that isn’t British. Additionally, as Solas is a somber, philosophical and technobabbly type, the voice would need to be able to carry that sort of tone and sell it. There’s also Fred Tatasciore which could easily pull from his time as Zeratul from Starcraft and bring Solas to life.

Telemica: Claudia Black. Her commanding and growling voice is easily suited for the battle-thirsty titan. I’ve never heard Claudia do a battle roar (or at least one doesn’t come to mind), but I think it would be amazing. A close second would be Susan Eisenberg but I think her voice is a little high for Telemica.

Vatyr: Troy Baker. This one was so easy for me to choose, there isn’t even a backup choice. He’d be perfect for the fly by the seat of your pants but also thoughtful kind of hunter that Vatyr is. Also, Troy plays an acoustic guitar, so we could get some real music!

Wisp: Ali Hillis. For some reason that I could never quite understand, Wisp’s voice was always that of Liara from Mass Effect. Thoughtful, precise, powerful yet subtle. Melanie Minichino would be a good alternate after her work in Halo 5 as 031 Exuberant Witness.

Squire: J. Michael Tatum. Simply put, I needed the best submissive brit voice I could find, and the guy who did Sir Hammerlock from Borderlands 2 is exactly that. Squire isn’t anywhere near that cartoony, but he would work. This role was the hardest for me to fill, as a lot of other actors didn’t really feel right.

Glitch: Laura Bailey. With Vatyr absolutely being the type to have a woman be his guiding force, Glitch had to have the right female voice. Laura has a pretty amazing range that she’s displayed well in her career. I think an interesting alternate would be Tara Strong because she could possibly bring something special to the role that I might not be seeing. Ashly Burch would also be a very interesting alternate.

Angela: Cherami Leigh. There’s a special kind of voice that finds power within an ocean of innocence. That’s what I need for Angela and that’s what Cherami can bring to the table. A great alternate would be Ashley Johnson, who has really impressed me recently with her portrayal of Gortys in Tales From The Borderlands.

Arrenn Gee: Tim Phillipps. Arrenn has two phases. The first is an oddly quiet human warlock could know much more than he lets on, and the second is a raving acolyte.

Verulion: Peter Jessop. His performance as Sovereign in Mass Effect was exactly the kind of otherworldly bass that Verulion would need for his single speaking chapter.

I’d love to know what you think about these choices! Do they fit with the voices you hear when you read Frontier? Do you have other actors that you think could do a better job in capturing those voices that you hear? Let me know in the comments below!

One last thing. This is my 100th post on this blog. Yay! Thank you all again for taking this journey with me.

Extra Life!

My fiance and I have joined Extra Life, and Toronto has its own Guild as of last night, representing Sick Kids hospital.


I won’t point out who I am, but I will point out someone far more important. See that kid up front holding all those beads? He’s a patient at Sick Kids, like I was when I was even younger than him. He’s fighting leukemia, and winning. Each bead represents a test or treatment he’s had to endure. We’re going to accomplish great things for kids like him.